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All the pebble and rocky beaches are situated around Lapad Bay

Several wonderful beaches are located in part of Dubrovnik called Lapad. Lapad is a peninsula holding the most beautiful, outer walls, part of Dubrovnik, with a heavenly bay, Sumratin bay (Uvala Lapad) in which all these beaches are located. Only 10 minutes walk from our apartments!

Lapad BayLapad bay has a long boulevard with many coffee bars where one can refresh himself in hot summer days. At the end of this boulevard, beaches are located. First beach is called Uvala Lapad or Uvala (meaning Bay). It is a sandy beach offering many things. If you just like to sit and enjoy the view there are a beach restaurant and coffee bars. For those who want to lie down and enjoy in the sun, easy chairs can be rented, and if it becomes too hot, beach umbrellas are for rent too.

Adriatic beach DubrovnikNext beach on your left side is the Adriatic beach. Adriatic beach also has all commodities like other beaches, and it is suitable for those who don't like sand or pebbles, because it is made of concrete. It is very pleasant and truly romantic small beach.
This one is the continuation of Lapad Bay situated on your left hand side just crossing the main Lapad Bay beach and they are both just 10 minutes walk from our apartments!

Beach Vis I - DubrovnikBeach Vis I is right next to the Adriatic beach. It is a pebble beach with a restaurant and a coffee bar and cocktail parties are organized on the beach almost every day. For those who like kayaking, there are kayaks and beach canoes for rent. You can rent one and row around and visit all beaches along the Lapad Bay.

Splendid beach - DubrovnikNear the Vis I beach is the Splendid beach . It is very small and attractive pebble beach with concrete parts. There is also another part of Splendid and that is the rocky (boulder) and pebble part, for those seeking privacy. Except beautiful beaches, Lapad has many other attractive places. If you like playing beach volleyball or tennis there are many courts in Lapad on which these sports can be played. Courts are located on beaches or near them so you can refresh yourselves in the sea after playing.

Across the bay, on the opposite side of all these beaches there is a beautiful walkway for romantic and peaceful walks, connected to the before mentioned boulevard. It is a path which leads all around Lapad peninsula and that is probably the most beautiful path for walking in Dubrovnik. From this walkway is an excellent view of all Sumratin bay beaches. Small island Daksa can also be seen.

Beaches situated close to Dubrovnik Old town

Amazing beach facing the Old Dubrovnik Harbour. Another amazing beach located close to the port of the Old Town is called Banje. From there you can enjoy a wonderful view of Old Town city walls and the Old Town marina harbor with its numerous fishing boats, as well as the island of Lokrum situated right opposite the beach or some of cruise ships which might anchor there. The beach can be reached by local bus from the apartments in about 10-15 minutes, simply by walking through Stradun, the main street of the Old Town to its other entrance on the opposite side.